Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I'm wandering around like a lost child....

Life is about learning experiences.

& I've learned I need direction.

I need someone to hold my hand & lead me in all things exercise.

Now when it comes to most things in life, I'll take charge & I'll lead the way. 

In exercise?  I hate trying to figure it out.

What am I even talking about? 

I don't know... I'm lost!!!!!

Since my running has been wonky (yes, wonky is one of my favorite words) I have had to find other ways to work out. 

I did the T25 thing - loved it.  I still use it actually.
I bought the PiYo - hated it.  Well, not really HATED it.  It's just not something that I can do easily with a WONKY shoulder, plus, I just try & try ... & try... & try to really like Yoga & Pilates & I can't make myself do it.  So to do a 60 day plan of it.  Just kick me in the gut for 60 days & that would be more fun.

So without my running half marathon training calendar not being used (Stupid knee, stupid back, stupid schedule)... & no other 'plan' or calendar in front of me, well, I'm feeling lost.

Last night I sat in front of all my dvd's & thought about which one to do for about 20 minutes.  20 minutes that I could have been doing something.

I ended up doing Jillian Michael's Banish Fat Boost Metabolism ... kicked my butt too...

& then it ended & I thought, what am I going to do tomorrow?

I think I just don't like to think about it.

This comes easy for some people. Not me.

Editing pictures comes easy for me.
Talking to youth about Jesus comes easy for me.
Getting on my husbands nerves comes easy for me.
Trying to figure out the best way to lay out a workout... does not come easy for me.

I then remembered, HEY - I have P90X that I bought off of a church friend. 
I'm going to start that, to which my husband says, aint no way.

He apparently did a couple of work outs with friends when P90X was really popular & he said if I can't do PiYo with a bad shoulder, aint no way I'm doing this one.

Well poop.

So today, I'm on the hunt for a plan. 

I may search for another workout plan on Beachbody - I like they have workouts with 60 day plans.

Maybe I'll even try & go back to my running workout schedule & use walking instead & then those cross training days, put in my T25.

The lesson in all this that you have learned about me.... I'm an overthinker...

Anyone else struggle with what work out to do?
Do you love Jillian Michaels?
Are you on a training plan right now?  Which one?

Monday, August 18, 2014

Ups & Downs

Where we look at the ride of the weekend

UP //  Peach Green Tea Lemonade on Friday...

DOWN // Hearing that an early Pumpkin flavor season is going to take my Peach flavoring away early this year... NOOOO!!!!!  Dang you all your pumpkin flavored obsessed people

UP // The #LouisvillePurge didn't happen.  If you hadn't heard, Louisville was trending because some stupid kids spread the rumor that The Purge was going to happen around Louisville.  If you don't know what that is, apparently there is a movie called "The Purge" & its a night where anything goes.  Want something - steal it.  Hate someone - kill them.  Anything goes.  They seriously canceled football games around town, police were on alert - it was kinda crazy.  They said THOUSANDS of people bought the app for the Louisville police to listen.  Me?  I was asleep by 10:00... try to get in my house with all our dogs & our neighbors dogs.

This was a real thing going around....

DOWN // Stupid kids that start rumors ... I heard that kid is in TROUBLE. Got kicked off his football team.  He said, "I didn't think it would turn into this big deal"... be careful of your words people.

UP // Michael Jackson made me sweat again.  I get why he was so skinny.  Moon walking is some serious butt burning stuff.

DOWN // Didn't get in a 'real' work out all weekend long....

this was me this weekend

UP // .... but I did do a 2.5 hour photo session so I did stay up on my feet moving for awhile.

UP // The heat held off on Saturday for my family photo session. & it was an overcast day.  Overcast days are like a photographers dream!  I always want to high five Mother Nature on days like that.  I DO thank Jesus for those days though... believe that!

DOWN // We didn't have a real supper all weekend. It was a bunch of munching on whatever.  That's bad.  When I much, I munch... everything.

UP // Hercules on ABC Family ... the song "I won't say I'm in love" is one of my favorites.  I am very dramatic when singing it too.

DOWN // a cow tongue.. in our youth lesson on Sunday.  The smell was killing me.  Poor cow.

Just in case you wanted to see a close up of a cow's tongue
... you're welcome...

UP // That lesson will definitely stick with the kids. 

UP // Lunch with friends after church... & a real meal... a change from munching.

UP // I watched Austin Powers - the first one... I totally forgot how stupidly funny it is

UP // reload on my Vanilla Natural Creamer for my iced coffee.  I was on danger alert. 

UP // Read a whole book in one day.  That hasn't happened since.... since... I can't even remember. 

UP // Got to read on a rainy day on my porch... I say it over & over. This is my happy place.  It was Sydney's too because I couldn't get her to come in.  She is an old country dog that loves staying on the porch.

UP // My hubs said he gives up on trying to fight my love for Wolverine & he got me a shirt.  I do love me some Wolverine... especially a Hugh Jackman Wolverine....

DOWN // More night time munching... UGH!

How was your weekend?
Do you love Austin Powers?
What work out did you get in?

Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Five: Mistakes I've made

I'm a classic screw up... usually every day in life...

& today is a Free Day on the Friday Five - we get to pick our own topic.

I screwed up ... AGAIN... yesterday so I figured my topic this week would be good at 5 things I've screwed up on working out, training, all that jazz...

1. Didn't Check Calendar

So yeah - I registered so happily yesterday for the Kentucky Derby Mini Marathon ... excited because it would be my 6th time running this race.  I had a goal ahead & went through my day giddy that I had something to train for in plenty of time... & then I am working out & it hits me.  I have a wedding scheduled for the same day. I ran upstairs & looked through my post it notes - because I don't have a 2015 calendar yet. (Note to self - GET A 2015 CALEDNAR ASAP!!!) ... yep - same day.  I just lost $65. Down the drain. & I'm missing my favorite race.  I'm stupid. & poorer.

2.  Didn't take water with me

I hate when I go out on a run & think, Na... I don't need any water. It's not that hot.  Only to know when I take the first 20 steps, I'm dying.  Even more so because I KNOW I don't have water with me, instantly making me even more thirsty. 

3. Forgot to charge my iPod

I always say I can't move without music.  So why didn't I check my iPod the night before a half marathon?  The Hubs ran it with me, but I still keep music on low when he's with me. I NEED MY MUSIC!  ... I get to the start line & turn it on, to see a drained battery. NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I swear, I almost said, "forget it, I'm leaving" but the Hubs said he would entertain me the whole time.  I don't like being entertained when I get to the 'misery' point of a run. I need my beats to get me going.  I am insane about checking iPod levels now.

4. Trying new things DAY of race

What's the dumbest thing to do?  Try new foods on your stomach before running a race.  or wearing new clothes like shorts you find out ride too much, or a skirt that you find out is too big & slides down the whole time you're running.  My favorite mess up - I wore a brand new pair of shoes.  How many of you just groaned & shook your head at me.  I know - I know...

5. Doing a race without training

I talk about it all the time, but its my biggest mistake ever.  My first race was a half marathon. I had no idea what 13.1 miles looked like. So when I 'trained'... said VERY loosely... & got in about 3 miles & never ran before that, I thought, "How much worse can it get?"  DEAR SWEET BABY JESUS!  I always say I almost died. I'm not even joking. At mile 9, everything got woozy & tunnel vision. I've never felt so close to death in my life.  Taught me the importance of training. A hard way to learn that lesson, but I learned it.  .... oh, by the way, I couldn't walk straight for 2 weeks after either. I was messed up.  Lesson heard loud & clear.

What's your biggest mistake you've made in running & training?

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Confession Time

I don't think I've confessed anything in awhile...
time for me to let it spill...
.... I posted my latest wedding preview & breathed a sigh of relief when the bride text me & said she loved them.  I always hold my breath. You never know how someone is going to react to their pictures.  Expectations can be tough to compete with.

.... I'm excited to see my photo clients this weekend.  It will be the 3rd time I've done their pictures.  I love meeting people in this line of work, to have them become friends & I get to enjoy catching up on their lives.

.... I'm still so sad about Robin Williams.  Sad he died... even sadder HOW he died.  The 20/20 special on Tuesday night just fueled the sad flames in my heart.

.... I really need a vacation.  Even if it meant just holing up in my home for a week.  That sounds wonderful actually.

.... I'm so tired - this pretty much sums me up today:

.... I love pulling the lint off of the cage of our fans.  I feel like its a game to see how long I can pull a piece without it breaking.

.... Our neighbors brought me a butt load of veggies over from their family garden.  Do you know how much all this would have cost me at a farmer's market?  I need to think of some cool thank you for them...

.... give me a salt shaker & sit back & watch me pop all those tomatoes in my mouth.

.... & then watch me get canker sores in my mouth from too much acid of tomatoes #stupid

.... I've been trying to keep track of how many fruits & veggies I eat every day instead of counting every calorie. I think I found the problem. One day this week, I literally had ZERO fruits or veggies.  I want to get 5 servings of each.  Some days I do good if I get one... of one or the other.  That's really sad.  Especially since I'm a vegetarian!

I need mega doses of veggie's happening in my life

.... I totally cried watching Extreme Makeover Tuesday when the lady ran a marathon.  Anytime anyone runs a marathon, I will cry when they cross the finish.  Guaranteed.

.... I'm trying PiYo again.  I'm not pushing myself where my bicep tendon is miserable again. I'll adjust.  But I did feel stronger doing it again.  Was holding full strong planks longer & even getting in tricep pushups more then ever. 

.... You'd think strong would mean I'm loosing weight.  Nope - same weight as ever.  How many months is this now?... geesh....

.... I hate cramps

..... I'm so sad that its dark when I leave for work now. I used to throw the Frisbee in the morning for Harvey before I left for work.  I still do but can't see if he catches it.

.... I almost want to just throw everything out of my house & start over again instead of just cleaning it & clearing out cabinets & drawers & basement rooms. #lazy

.... did I mention I hate cramps?

.... I tried walking in a local cemetery yesterday for a different view.  It is very small so it was like walking on a hamster wheel. Not a lot of space.  & then the groundskeepers came to start digging up a plot I assume for a funeral today.  I didn't want to stick around to see the ground being dug up.  So much for that.

.... While walking the cemetery, I saw a headstone of a member of our church that passed away years ago.  I saw the headstone had her husband's date on there as 2013. I didn't even know he passed away.  That was depressing.

.... I've decided its not good to walk in cemeteries.

.... I'm hoping 3 Aleve works on cramps... fast....

.... I can't believe we're half way through August.  I feel like I just switched over my closet.  Now I have to start thinking of changing it back?  let's go back to that comment about wanting to just throw everything out & starting fresh.

What do you need to confess today?

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Do you like you?

I saw this video yesterday by Colbie Caillat & have been playing it on repeat...

I love the message...

Its about loving yourself - not needing the use of all the 'stuff' to make ourselves feel beautiful.

While its nice, we don't need it.

I remember being in high school & being young & feeling like I would rather die then not lather on some blue eye liner & lip liner around these smackers.  It was the 80's after all.

When you start dating someone, you want to always seem beautiful, so that's making sure your face looks fresh, your hair is the best it can be.

Fast forward time... & here I am at a camp full of kids & I didn't even think twice about posting pictures of my face without make up....

Photo: Loved another year at Merge Camp

Most of my race pictures at the finish line, I have no make up on.  Just my skin & sheer sweat....

& you know what?  These pictures are some of my favorite.

yes, I have wrinkles & I have age spots, but I have smiles & joy....

& isn't that part of what beautiful is?

Take a minute & watch this video...


We can all use that reminder, can't we?

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Goodbye Genie

I know these sorts of posts are going to be popping up everywhere today...

I can't help but post one myself.  I'm just so sad about the loss of Robin Williams.

I was cleaning up my kitchen & had the TV on.  I hear the "Breaking News" come in & my mind instantly went to, "This is it. We're in World War III" - I don't know why I instantly thought that, but that was my gut reaction.

I ran to the TV & saw the statement below the reporter that said, "Robin Williams Dead at 63"

There was a split second there that I was like, "Who is Robin Williams?" only because I knew who Robin Williams is, but it couldn't be THAT Robin Williams.  Maybe it was some politician that I don't know about...

& then his face pops up... & I screamed downstairs to tell Ricky. 

I couldn't believe it....

& then to hear the cause of death.

Apparent suicide.

I always say that I believe most comedians have or deal with depression.  How do I know?  Because I have/still do deal with depression.  I was on medicine for years for it.  That always surprises people because they say, "You're always so happy - so bubbly - so outgoing".... making people laugh is a good way to cover how you really feel inside...

... & depression eats you up inside...

I could talk for an hour on that topic.  & things like this brings the pain of depression to light.

I kept seeing posts all over Twitter about "Tell someone" ... "Talk to someone"... people don't get when you are depressed, you don't feel like you CAN talk to someone.  You feel like no one understands.  There is just a void. 

& I imagine that's where Robin Williams was obviously was.

I immediately thought of all the things over the years I have loved watching him in.

I'm a child of the 70's & a teen of the 80's.... I have had Robin Williams in my life for a long time.  I even talked not too long ago how I still have my Mork from Ork transistor radio... Ricky actually uses it around the house.  Who needs an iPod when you have static sounding radio from a spaceship egg?

& I remember as a teen, a movie that I was so excited about.  I even recorded the music on my tape player all the songs from the movie Popeye.  He was the perfect person to bring the character to life.  I saw that one in the theater. 

Ricky & I had our first date going to see a Robin William's movie - Toys ...

& Ricky & I both loved Hook.  Peter Pan grown up?  Every time it's on, we have to watch it....

There were so many movies when you look at his list that I forgot about & was like, "Oh yeah - I love that movie"

One of my favorites was Bicentennial Man where he was a robot who over the years served a family & became more 'human' as the years passed by. 

& the movie, Awakenings ... we saw Robin was amazing at drama.  This movie just tears me up.  But another one I'll watch over & over again.

Some other amazing movies


Patch Adams

The Birdcage

Mrs. Doubtfire

& of course, being a huge Disney fan, the first thing I thought of was Aladdin.... our Genie...

I was hearing stories on the news about how he treated his friends in real life as well.  How when Christopher Reeve had his accident leaving him paralyzed, Robin snuck in dressed in scrubs to go make him laugh.

I think that saddest part for me is just to know that one of our country's funniest people seem to find no hope in his own life...

I saw a tweet last night that made me smile.  It said something like, "If God is gracious & has any sense of humor at all, he'll greet Robin with his face covered & say, HELLLOOOO"

I pray there's peace for him wherever he's at now...
What is your favorite Robin Williams movie?

Monday, August 11, 2014

Ups & Downs

Where we the ride of the weekend

UP // Backyard.  Our children's ministry event where I get to dance on stage.  I'll always give an UP to dancing.

UP ... DOWN??? // I had to dress like a 'skateboarder' ... I'm 42 years old. I don't own much that looks like a skateboarder.  I figure as long as I throw a hat on backwards, I'm good to go. 

Crazy smeared mascara adds to the look - right?

DOWN // Good Lord... dancing where all the songs involve some sort of jumping or spinning, or twisting down... all of this with bad knees.  I never feel older in my life....

UP // ... but I keep smiling & high fiving all the kids.  Fake it till you make it.

DOWN // Speaking of out of shape, I held my Grandbuddy for about 30 minutes bouncing her to try & get her to sleep. My biceps never burned so much in my life.  No wonder mom's arms look amazing. 

UP // Rainy mornings where I have no plans...

UP // A clean kitchen...

DOWN //.... that lasted for about 3 hours.  WHY can't my counter tops stay cleared off? WHY?????

UP // a 30% off at Kohl's...

This is how I walk into Kohl's when I have 30% off

UP // Ended up finding me some aviators for $8.00 & then that 30% off.  I have been wanting a pair for the longest times. I bought some Ray-Bans one time.  As much as I lose sunglasses, I won't be spending $95 on another pair.


UP // Tried a veggie enchilada at Chuey's.  I'm weird about corn being in things so almost didn't get it, but decided not to look at the food - just eat it. It was delish.  I'm weird about food. I know.

DOWN // The hubs is having pains in his arms.  Not sure what is going on with it.  I hate to see him feeling bad & having issues.  He's going to the doctor next week.  Hoping the pain eases up before then.

UP // the radio stations on our cable provider.  I found the Christian music channel & turned it on while I edited pictures. It had some old songs I hadn't heard in years.  Let me sing while editing pictures... LOUDLY... makes everything better.

UP // My last bride asked for a picture with her photographers. I so love this picture. I need to start doing it with all my brides.  I love my brides.  I feel so protective over them, during the day & even afterwards when I keep up with them.  I always tell them, by the end of your wedding day, I'm your new best friend. I don't even joke about that.

Photo: I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Megan wanted a picture with us, her photographers.  We love our brides so much & after spending the whole day with them & getting to be a part of such a special day, I love having the memory to keep myself.  <3 ... keep an eye out, the preview of the whole day is going to be up in a few days :)

UP // I actually slept in till 7:30 on Sunday.  It felt like heaven.

UP // We had a review on Merge Camp in church on Sunday.  I loved when the kids would give me 'honorary awards' for fun things.  I love those kids.  I love I can act like a fool with them. I walked into the room & one of the kids who came back this week had brought a friend.  When he saw me he pointed & said to his friend, "She's super cool"... my reaction?  I pointed to him & said, "Yes I am.. don't you ever forget it"... that's how you handle that :)

DOWN // People talking before they think what they say.  I totally got dissed in front of the youth kiddos.  It is what it is.  Stupid.

DOWN // Target... why you no have sizes other then small or EXTRA small.  What the heck is extra small anyways?  kids sizes?  I need my size in this shirt desperately!

Off to the web site I go

UP // Got to do a family session with the Pastor of our church & his family.   I love his kids like crazy.  They are A-MAZ-ING kids & 3 of them are in our youth group.  One is headed to college.  Tear.  I loved getting them in front of my camera.  & loved having one last hug & one last prayer with this fantastic young man. 

Photo: Had so much fun with a fantastic family tonight. One of their kiddos is leaving for college this weekend. With him being in our youth group for years, we had to get one picture with him before he heads out into his new life. How do these kids grow up so fast?

UP// Rain held off for the session....

DOWN // .... Humidity did not.  I was a sweaty mess. 

DOWN // I couldn't go to sleep last night. I was up at midnight.  Getting up at 5:30am, this doesn't look good for me today....

How was your weekend?