Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Five: Fitness Tunes ... from rap, to Christian, to old school 80's

Friday Five:  Favorite Fitness Tunes

I always say I'm a person who can't function without music... I really can't. Its like my body shuts down when I don't hear music.  So to pick 5 is going to be hard, but here's 5 of my favorites.

1. Kanye - Stronger

I'm not usually a Kanye fan... but a song that has the words "Stronger" & "Faster" in it... oh yeah baby...

2. Awake & Alive - Skillet

This song gets me going... It has a bit of rock N roll that makes me want to pump fist as I'm running... & its a Christian group. If you don't have this song on your play list - get it ... now

Right Here... Right now ... Stand my ground... never back down

3. Mandisa - Press On (Remix)

Well hello... a song that is based off the scripture that is my life scripture... & the name of my blog? You KNOW its gotta be on my favorites. I have actually put this song on repeat & ran the entire time to this one song.  Good stuff... with a fun 80's kinda vibe.

4. Love Inc.  - You're a Superstar

OK... come on... the name alone should make you want this song.  I heard this song in Jazzercise about 10 years ago (or longer) & it stuck with me. I adore adore adore this song!!!

Reach for the sky... hold your head up high... for tonight & every night... you're a superstar!!! Don't you be afraid....

5. Black Eyed Peas - Pump It

I have probably more Black Eyed Peas on my running list more then any other group.  But this song... I can't listen to it even on the radio without getting up & moving... get out of my way when this song is on...

So what's on your playlist to get moving?

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Well this just isn't starting off good at all....

So I had to go & open my mouth...

I had to go & say I wanted accountability...

& then my weight day came Tuesday.

I actually was supposed to post this yesterday but I was like, NO, I don't want to start this on a bad note.

But then I remembered the whole point IS for accountability... & I'm real.. a real person... with real struggles... & I know there are other people who have real issues & can relate, so I said today, screw it.. I'll post it.

My first weigh-in day... & I have a 2 lb gain.

101614 weight

Seriously?  This bites.

Now the accountability part.  I guess I have been eating a bit more after dinner then I should.

& I didn't get to eat well at all during the wedding Saturday.  Wedding days are usually just grab & go & eat if you can at all.  Which I would think would cause me to loose weight since I'm not eating & walking like 20,000 steps in a day.   But I can attest, my body ain't normal... its like opposite world... I think it throws my body off if I don't eat & do all that moving.

So the plan this week... watch the after dinner eating...

& I really want to incorporate walking with my P90X3 ... I want to get my body used to miles because I want to start running again in January 2015...

So bam... I gained weight this week... embarrassing... not shocking...

Here's to next week!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The basics...

I've been doing the P90X3 lately...

If you've ever done these videos, the first 3 weeks are the same work outs repeated every week.  I am in week 4 & was excited to do some new videos.  Well, so far, its looking like the 4th week is more of a stretch (yoga) & back to the basics kinda moves.

Last night was my Dynamix work out... & it involved a lot of moves I have done since the aerobic fun of the 80's...

Side leg raises
Inner thigh raises
Butt raises

We all know these simple moves.

But know what... my side leg raises & inner thigh raises?  I felt like it could have been part of a video work out called P90X Extreme Burn...

...Beachbody, if you take that name, I'll sue...

But it blew me away at seriously how bad the most basic moves could make my legs burn like that.

It's so easy to get in routine & forget to work the whole body...

Like when I was running, I didn't do any strength training - & I think that's what caused a lot of my injuries to start...

It all works together.

I was upset at first about this week's videos because I felt like I wasn't getting a good 'work out'... it felt like a cop out... not a big heart thumper, not a lot of weight training...

but I was reminded, sometimes its good to go back to the basics.

.... & reminded that it's always humbling to walk funny the day after....

Do you still do basic conditioning?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

One Year Later... & what have I learned...

that fun little app... Time Hop...

When I got my new phone 2 months ago, I was so excited because I could actually use it.  Just showing you how old my other phone was because it wouldn't work with my last one.  #vintage

& I look at my Time Hop within the first hour I'm awake.

Memories... they're fun...

& what do I see today? 

Media preview

One year ago today, I started this little baby... Press On & Run came to life.

I can't believe its been a year...

I thought about what I've learned since starting a 'fitness blog' - I put those in quotes because I use 'fitness' very very loosely when I talk about myself.

I learned I'm basically exactly the same with the exact same troubles.

Right under that picture of my blog, I had a picture of my knee with ice on it.

yep... I'm in the same place...


I'm still struggling with food & overeating
I'm still fighting injuries
I'm still beating myself up every time I get on the scale
I'm still going against aging
I'm still trying to find healthy ways of living

I'm still me... another year older

I've also learned in this past year a few things...
there are some awesome blog friends out there that inspire me.  I find myself looking at other Fitness Blogs (no quotes for you awesome peeps) & relate to situations you are in, or learn from life experiences that you all go through.   I've found amazing crafty things to try - I've learned which products I need to get & ones I need to stay away from. 

Mostly, I found support.

People that take time to read what I have to say, laugh with me, cry with me, understand my frustrations over things... & you take even more time to leave words of encouragement or of friendship just to say that you were here...

To me - that's priceless...

That makes me want to do this thing another year...

Monday, October 13, 2014

Ups & Down....

Where we look at how the weekend went
DOWN // My ears are STILL hurting... 1 week... when will this end?

DOWN // Went to a wedding rehearsal only to find out they were eating first... & I have a nursing mom with me. We couldn't hang around for a few hours... so much for seeing how the wedding was going to go.

UP // All weddings are usually the same anyways so no sweat.

UP // Got all my gear ready to go Friday night so no rushing around gathering it all up Saturday morning.

DOWN //... I still ended up rushing around

Me ... EVERY morning of a wedding

DOWN // I didn't plan ahead on breakfast. I had nothing in the house to eat before I left.  That's not good because I'm on my feet for about 12 hours & have no time to stop & eat throughout the day... I need a good start.  I did not get it.

UP // I had the sweetest, most excited bride.  She never one time complained about one thing.

UP // Rain held off... the biggest scare of a wedding photographer.

UP // I couldn't have asked for a smoother day for this awesome couple, their family & the bridal party.

So Happy!

UP // I love when the groomsmen are so relaxed & good in front of the camera.  When they are about having fun & having a good time, it shines through 100-fold in their pictures.  It makes the groom so much more relaxed too.

UP // I love a bride that has tattoos

DOWN // I really was steaming at the rudeness of the video guy at the wedding.  I have NEVER experienced rude people working at wedding... until now... I don't know if he does it professionally or if its a family friend who did it for them.  Regardless, he was rude in a suit.

UP // I was home by 7:30 on wedding day.  I sometimes don't get home until after 11 - but an early wedding means an early exit time.


UP // I was able to start uploading pics on Saturday night...

UP // & I was in bed by 10:00... exhausted

DOWN // I get so freaking WORN OUT after a wedding. I can't even explain.  I know how dehydration effects a body... solely because of weddings.

UP // I slept in on Sunday.  We missed church (not youth) & Ricky let me just try & recover. 

UP // I ended up knitting a baby hat before church... I made 3 baby hats all weekend.  Getting ready for my cousin's new baby.

UP // Got all my chores done I needed to go on Sunday after church.

UP // Fried Pickles

DOWN // Fried Pickles

UP // Editing begins on pictures!!!

DOWN // Bicep Tendon starts hurting from the get-go... editing & on the compuer all day is tough on me.

UP // WALKING DEAD BACK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DOWN // I literally got nauseated in the first 10 minutes of the show... there's a reason I don't eat meat. I don't need to see throats slit to bleed out.

DOWN // I couldn't go to sleep... what the hey?  I guess all the coffee on Sunday to get me through the day to recover from the wedding caught up with me.

... & now, I'm on a Monday with 4 hours sleep... Dear Lord...

How was your weekend?

Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Five: Fuel

Friday Five:  Fuel

The talk is about food?  OH yeah... what fuels me for workouts & runs...
I'm going to go through a usual full food experience in my world.

1. Pasta

I'm all about carbs.  I used to be a a pasta-junky when I was on the low-food fad thing. But now I understand the whole carb thing, I don't eat it as often.  But the night before a race?  I'm all about pasta.  I really do believe in the glucose thing & it really helps me to store it up the night before.

I'll sign up for races just so I can gorge on pasta!

2.  Eggs

My normal routine for a race day is always eggs on toast, with cheese & the topper, Sriracha sauce.  I am usually not a spicy person but I love that sauce on it.  Just enough burn in my mouth to get the burn going on the road.

3. Lara Bars

I'm someone who gels make me sick. Not during the race.  They actually work great during the race.  But the following 2 days after?  Let's just say the word "TROTS" takes on a whole new meaning.  It messes my stomach UP!...

So anyways - when I do long races, I like to eat more natural foods that settle well with my gut... & my butt also thanks me for doing that.  TMI? ... sorry...

But I love Lara Bars.  I have been known to chop them up in tiny pieces & put them in my fanny pack (c'mon - that's what running waist bags really are) & then just grab a few bites every few miles.  I can really feel the energy from them.  All natural product.  Thumbs up.

4. Stinger Waffles

OK - so these things, I tried on my last race.  (forever ago mind you) I LOVE THESE!  They are yummy in a little container.  The bad thing, when you put them in your pouch & pull them out in a run, they usually crumble like a cookie.  I hate licking crumbs off my hands when they're full of sweat.  Doesn't mean I wont do it.

I want to try the gels since they are supposed to be more natural.  Hoping it doesn't upset my stomach like the other gels.

5.  Bananas

Yep... get me some sort of fruit with fast sugar in it after a race.  My blood sugar gets all wonky so I really do go for fruit right after a race.   there's a reason why there are usually 100 boxes full of bananas waiting for all the runners.  It always blows my mind how they get so many...

BONUS FUEL:  If its a big race, you better bet after I get that banana, my butt is headed to get a REAL MEAL.  The past few races, I've been heading to Jimmy Johns for a veggie sub.  Give me one more burst of carbs with that bread... yum...

All this talk... I'm ready for lunch....

What do you use to fuel during runs?

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Numbers....A goal


I work with them all day long doing accounting.

I look at them through my camera figuring out aperture & shutter speeds.

I add & subtract from my check book & balance them to a statement every month.

I count them off every year as I gain another number onto my age.

& I see the number on a scale that doesn't seem to budge.

Numbers are useful... but numbers can be stupid.

Pssh Stupid

They can make me in a better mood & encourage me... they can also put me in the worst mood you would ever want someone to be in.

But numbers are needed to be kept in check.

If a number gets off in accounting, I have to see where the problem is.
If a number is off in photography, it can ruin a whole picture.
If a number is off in my check book, I could have people calling about funds I owe.
If a number is off on my age, its only because I'm lying...

& that number on the scale... it's never off...

I mean, it's off to what I want it to be... but it tells the truth.

& the truth is ugly sometimes.

I took off weighing in last week due to all the sadness & grief & not giving a rat's patooty about what I ate... but this week, I got on the scale... & it was what I expected.

I gained 1.5 lbs from 2 weeks before.

Not as bad as I thought... but a gain nonetheless.

A gain that keeps coming.

Those numbers again. 

Since the age goes up, the scale goes up.  It's a dirty game life has sometimes.

But looking at that number today, I realized that I found my number I want to set as a goal.  What I want to get to. 

I won't get into details because I'm not that girl who proudly & boldly says what they weight & doesn't let it bother them.

I'm the one who hides the scale from my husband & is embarrassed for him to find out what my weight is.

But I can say, I want to loose 40 lbs.... bam!  There's my new number.

I will do a weekly weigh in... keep myself accountable some way here.  Attest to why it went up or why it went down...(please Lord)....


This may bite me in my butt.

If I gain next week. that means my goal may go up to 41, 42, 43 lbs... oh geez...

So hopefully, I just have 40....

I'm not even setting a certain time - like the end of the year - though that would be nice...

I just want 40 lbs gone...

to start... we'll change that number once I get there...

goals are good to have.