Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Remembering Boston

Today is one of those "do you remember where you were" days...

& I don't think it's just for runners.  Though it really hits runners especially hard.

I love in the 60 minutes interview they just did with Shalane Flanagan where she said, "it just really pissed me off"...

That's how I felt too.

I'm fairly new to the running world.  I mean, I didn't run in my life until I was 37 years old & didn't know the first thing about runners, shoes, marathons, fartleks, pace, gels - all the things runners live & breath.  So when I finally understand running & all that it is, of course, Boston is something I love to watch.

Before 2008, I could care less about Boston....

Now, I think the whole world cares about Boston....

It's always on a Monday & I'm grateful I have a computer where I can pull up the links & watch it from my desk in my office.  I watched every minute of it & even the end, when the link was showing everyone crossing the finish line for about 15 minutes after the winners had finished, I took a picture & even put on Instagram how I wished they'd leave the link up all day...

I never ever tire of watching people finish a race....

But it went off... & the afternoon went on as normal...

Until I saw the tweets popping up over & over...

words like explosions, devastation, injuries...

Again, thankful for a computer I can link up too, I went onto CNN & saw the chaos that was happening.

& I was just like Shalane... I was ticked off...

I thought of everyone who trained so hard to complete this 'dream race' ... the pinnacle of races in the US... & how everything was called to a halt.

I thought of everyone injured.  The blood stains in the road & the stories of limps being left behind as the owner of that body part was rushed to a hospital. 

I thought of all the people who had just ran 24-26 miles & turned & ran further to become an aide or assistant to someone who needed help.  How tired they must be, but how they were probably searching for their own family members who were cheering them on at the finish....praying the injured weren't one of their own.

I'm excited to see Boston again this year because I think the whole world will be watching now.  Cheering on runners like never before.  Seeing how runners press on. 
I'll think of new words this year, like determination, triumph, STRONG....

People try to ruin events, try to ruin others....

they forget that people recover & become stronger....

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Race Week.... oh geez...

This is it...

The week of the race...

& do you know I'm still confused what to do.  I still feel like I have no confidence in myself for it.

What happened the past 2 weeks is exactly what I thought would happen.  I wasn't able to get in my long runs... which is a tamper anyways, but I know its still important to move.

Well, I did move... just not running.

Like I said, last weekend, I was on my feet from 9am - 9pm doing a wedding. 

This weekend, I got in my 10,000 steps every day from a women's conference I went to.  The Women of Joy conference.  We did a lot of walking, & I made a point at every worship session to move... I'm a natural born dancer anyways.  I'm always swaying, moving, getting my groove on.

Emma Stone Dancing

We went to a concert on Saturday night & got to be on the front row of the Chris Tomlin show.  I know its a Christian concert, but as I told everyone around me, I work in youth ministry - that's a free pass to JUMP like I'm in a grunge crowd.  (We JUMP a lot in youth ministry)

So I did keep moving this weekend... just not race training moving...

& now the race is Saturday... & I'm scared, nervous, wondering if I should do it...

at least attempt it...

I've said all along, I know it will be a horrible time, but I feel like I need to at least TRY...

maybe my body will surprise me.  Maybe not... but maybe I'll just try?!!??!

I think I need to find some confidence... somewhere... & I need to find it fast...

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Fat & Fit?

The hubs & I were sitting at the counter eating dinner last night.

A beautiful spinach/feta cheese pizza with mushrooms, olives & jalapenos... mmm... I was just remembering it.  It was delish.

We are an ABC Nightly News kinda family.  Props for Diane Sawyer who is from this area.  Us Louisville gals need to stick together.

But they had a report on last night & the title said, "Fat & Fit?"

They were talking to a doctor who was putting out a study that people who are over the BMI & are considered "overweight" still can be really healthy.

They were interviewing a man who had had a heart attack & was trying to lose weight, but he had been exercising & taking care of himself & all the tests still showed he was over weight... but he had gone through all sorts of tests & his heart is now stronger, his lung function is better, his muscle mass is better...

But that stupid BMI chart.

They talked about how if you look at professional NFL football players, some of them are considered "Obese" on the BMI chart because of their large masses of muscle.  Take the weight & look at your height on the chart & it doesn't add up for everyone.

They were saying that's not an excuse to eat all you want & think you're a perfectly fit person... duh... really?  Did someone think that's possible...(probably)....

In the end, they said, "So you can be considered fat, but you can still be fit"
... & that's when my husband looked over at me & said, "That's you!"

... thanks honey... thanks...

weather girl eyeroll

We laughed, because I do know what he means.

I am considered UP THERE on the BMI chart.... but I still work out 6 days a week.  I get my heart rate up.  I still run.  I still lift weights.  I still work at it. 
& granted, I'm sure the weight I have on me makes me slower (yes, it does) & it makes me winded faster (yes, it does) but I think I can still hang in there with some of the thinner people.

The one positive thing, they said heavier people have more 'reserve weight' on them in case of life threatening illness.  A cushion or a padding, literally, if you will... when you loose weight from an illness, you have some to loose that it won't hurt you...

Look at that - reserve fat can be handy....

So I may be larger, but I think I'm still pretty fit...
Yeah - I think I could be a lot fitter & in a lot better shape... & goodness know I want to be like 3 sizes smaller then I am right now...but at least I'm still trying & not giving up, & maybe everything I'm doing isn't for nothing, even when I can't see it on the scale...

Yep... I'm fit... minus my bicep tendonitis, my knee pain & my back pain... that doesn't count ;)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Prescprition for girlie reasons...

So I had my annual Gyno exam 2 weeks ago.

Nothing like stripping naked in a cold room & acting like its not a big deal when you have to put your feet up in contraptions that turn your into a flexible gymnast.... & the only place you'll hear at least 3 times, "Scoot down some more"

Oh, I probably should have started off staying this post was probably more girl-geared.  Any guys reading?  You've probably already checked out...


I'm now at the age where I go in & my doctor, who I've been with since I was 20 years old (!!!!!) & the first thing she says to me is, "So are getting to menopause yet?"

Yipee... the fun of aging...

At least its aging with my same doctor... who by the way looks exactly the same as when I went in her office over 20 years ago.  What is this trickery?

I'm not at menopause yet, but I am having issues.  My periods are getting extremely heavy... EXTREMELY... like miserable.

So she gave me a choice - birth control pills or progesterone.

She knows how much I do not like medicine & I asked her, "Which one will do the less amount of 'crazy' to my body?" ... she suggested the progesterone.

& then she even said she would make it the lowest dose possible - so she handed me over the prescription for 5 mg once a day, at night, because apparently it causes sleepiness (This is why I hate medicine - always a side effect!) & I got dressed & I left...

I picked up my prescription a week ago...

& have yet to take the first pill.

I don't know what to do.

Medicine just freaks me out.  I do the worst thing possible & read the side effects & then always end up with about 95% of them.  & of course, this one has right there at the top of the list, "Weight gain"... that immediately makes me want to throw this stuff away.

Plus, there's the whole 'hormone' 'estrogen' thing... I don't know  a lot about the topic, but have heard a lot of talk about women going into menopause who taking estrogen, it can be dangerous?  I need to read up on these things...

I just don't know what to do...

Just keep dealing with the inconvenience a few days a month?
Or take this pill & have things slow... maybe to a halt... which sounds wonderful actually.

Anyone out there taking progesterone?

Do you hate medicine as much as I do?

What's the longest you've been with a doctor?

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mark it Off - March

I always forget to do this right at the beginning of the month... at least we're still in single digit dates :)

So here's what March looked like for me.

21 days out of 31... pretty good!

March held for me my first 10 miler on a treadmill!

& it held for me more yoga then I've ever done before... (when, oh WHEN, will it not hurt to lean forward to stretch?)

The bummer side?  All these work outs & all this time invested?  I'm up 1 lb. from the beginning of the month.  Isn't that RIDICULOUS?!?!?

This is just getting old now...

But I'll keep marking it off each month.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Wedding Photography left me sore....

I had a wedding on Saturday, which meant I didn't get in my long run for my first week of taper.

Great, a week with less miles & I STILL can't get it done...

BUT, it has to count that I was on my feet from 10am to 9pm.. has to count for something!

If you've never doing wedding photography, you honestly have no idea how taxing it is.  It puts some other sports to shame.

Here's some highlights of the day on what makes it a tough gig.

* I had to lug out all my equipment to the car, & once there & to my location, I carried it all from the car to the house... that was about a quarter mile away... UP HILL (twice) & then a great slope down.  It was ridiculous.  3 camera bags, 2 tripods,  light poles, bags with reflectors, clipboards, & of course a bag full of snacks. I know how long the day can get... but it honestly is like 40 lbs of stuff I carried... & then got there & had to walk up a flight of stairs with it all.  I was exhausted from the first moment of the day.

I have such a new respect for those soldiers that run in races with backpacks

* I'm on my feet 95% of the day.  We were lucky enough at this wedding to stop for a break because we were ahead of schedule.  They offered us food & we obliged.  Again, something that never happens.  For me, it was a lot of meat stuff, so I had a plate full of fruit - which is exactly what I needed.   So we did sit for 15 minutes.  Other then that, on our feet the ENTIRE day.  Walking from one location to the next - keeping bride & groom separate.  At the end of the day, I believe I had gone 7 miles.

* 7 miles standing all day feels worse then running 10 miles on a treadmill.  Ain't no joke.

* Because of the fruit, I actually got to pee twice in a full day.  That's how extreme this is on my body.  No time for fluids.  That night when I got home to upload pictures, I went through 3 sparkling seltzer waters in an hour.  I could feel my body dehydrated.


* Hold 2 cameras around your neck & in your hands all day... my biceps are literally still sore from the day.  Who needs weights or kettlebells?  Pump some cameras with speedlites on them for 10 hours.  You'll be ripped.

yeah, my arms are still look like this
even though they are sore as all get out

* My big toes always end up hurting on wedding days.  I have no idea why... its just my big toes.  Excruciating pain.  Usually at every wedding reception, I'm shoeless & running around in socks.  I need to find some Brooks that will work with dressy wedding clothes.

* My total calories I ate for the day were under 650... watch, I'll still gain this week.

Feed me

So yeah, by the time I got home, got the equipment BACK in my house, got pictures uploaded, it was 12:30am.... so no run for me

... but you can bet your buttons I'm marking it on my calendar as a work out day.

All my photographer buddies just said, AMEN!

Friday, April 4, 2014



* I'm shooting a wedding tomorrow.  Let me tell you... you think running long distances are hard?  But have you ever shot a wedding?  Its TOUGH... I mean TOUGH!!!!  I will be on my feet from 10am till about 10pm.. & I don't get to stop to eat, I don't hardly drink... which actually means I actually will even pee once during the whole day.  Wedding photography - the ultimate extreme sport!

Wedding photography - STILL harder then getting eaten by a shark!

* My doctor tested me for a deficiency in Vitamin D this week & called & told me I was "Extremely EX-TRE-ME-LY" deficient in it.  I'm supposed to take so much Vitamin D this month, its ridiculous.  I'm just anxious to see what it does to my stomach... & if it makes me feel better.

* I look up what causes Vitamin D deficiency... it says if you are a vegetarian, that is a huge thing.  But I also saw the words, "caused by cancer or MS"... this is why I hate looking up anything medical

*  The Diet Bet I was a part of ends next week... & I'm a loser... I'm still stuck at the same stupid weight I've been stuck at for the past 6 months. WHY?!?!??!

* Speaking of weight - I ran about 17 miles last week, tracked all my food - staying under my calories for the week... & gained one pound for the week.  ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME??

* I tried on a pair of jeans today that used to be my favs... they were so tight, I had to take them off. Couldn't stomach (literally) wearing them all day long.  Yes, I may have just sat down in the middle of the floor & cried.

* In Women's Running Magazine this month - look at the race that was featured!!!

Home sweet home

* I'm starting to get all my links together for the Boston Marathon so I can make sure I'm ready to pull it up on my screen on April 21st... I remember watching it last year at work & then it went off not too long after the elite winners crossed.  Then seeing all the buzz on Twitter about an explosion at Boston. I thought they were talking like an explosion as a good thing.  Like an explosion of healthy people in one area... little did I know..
Still unbelievable
* Already saying prayers for confidence for all the runners this year... make a statement Boston runners!  you can't be stopped!

Anything you need to get off of your chest today?