Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Why its hard to see beauty {Hump Day Blog Hop}

I don't know if any of you have been tagged on Facebook or not on this "beautiful" thing.

The point is you are tagged by a friend & you are supposed to post 5 pictures of yourself where you find yourself beautiful. 

When I first got tagged, I was like, I can't do this.  I honestly thumbed through pictures & found absolutely nothing beautiful about myself.  I just felt sick to my stomach. 

 I saw others posting pictures & they all looked so beautiful in their pictures... & I just wanted to have something to post that I was proud of.

But then I read what most of them put on their pictures... "This was hard to do... " .... "I don't find myself beautiful BUT...." .... "I find beauty in myself when I'm around family"...

similar comments of people that you can tell they struggled with it as well.

So I took the plunge. 

I found some pictures & put them together. 

& it wasn't that I found myself "beautiful" in them. I look at them & see every flaw. 

Those crooked teeth.  That sideways smile.  The extra weight that I could get off.  The skin that is blotchy & freckled.

But I also see happiness

Marrying the love of my life
Making my half marathon PR
Getting to be a princess in little girls eyes
Enjoying the breeze from an ocean
Spending a day at a wedding where I got to dance in the mother of the groom dance in honor of my friend

Moments....full of beauty...

It was a challenge... & maybe now the challenge is to find more beauty in myself...

The Hump Day Blog Hop

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Call me the 10k Kid

So I talked last week about that goal I wanted to do...

move more...

Especially at work.

Stop being a slug at a desk.

Best Seinfeld episode!!!!

& I've been doing it.

Setting that alarm.  Moving every hour.  Making an effort to get blood pumping during the day instead of slowly dying Monday - Friday, 7-4

& look at this step count from my FitBit

Tell me you journal every move you make & every calorie you burn too
... I'm not the only OCD person out there... right?


one full week of over 10,000 steps on my FitBit

I am serious about this goal too.

You can ask my husband.  I'll be marching in place all day long, anywhere, everywhere.

The other night, I was at 6,500 steps at 8:00.... I stood & ran in place while we watched, "What would you do?"... until Ricky was like, "you're getting on my nerves now"... so I kept running up & down the hallway until I hit my 10,000 steps.

I'm anything, if not motivated right now.

& while I did weigh today & still stayed at the same stupid freaking dang weight....


... I'm going keep moving.

I want to see how many days in a row I can do this 10,000 thing.

Monday, July 21, 2014

UPS & Downs....

Where we look at how a weekend rolls

DOWN // I forgot to do a Vlog on my weekly work outs... just know it's basically sweating like a freaking dog doing my Nike Kinect.

This is an example of Nike Kinect calorie burn
... just x's that by 4 & that's my week...

UP // I've hit over 10,000 steps for 6 days in a row now. GO ME!!!!

UP // Getting my 10,000 goal a day has become a little obsessive. Which I consider good. Keeping me on my toes. Or at least my feet.

DOWN // I found out my need for iced coffee has become severe. I forgot it Sunday going to church. I thought I would DIE without it. Like my eyes had a life of their own & all they wanted to do was close.

DOWN // deep sleep naps mess me up

UP // my parents celebrated 50 years of marriage... 50 years people!!!

How cute are my parents...

UP // my mother in law celebrated her 73rd birthday

UP // I had no cake on any of these celebrations

DOWN // .... I did have buttermilk pie though

UP // playing rummy can take hours when you play with family who likes to talk & laugh & just have fun.  Not to mention, teaching a 13 yr old girl how to play along the way as well.

UP // I won the 20 hour game of Rummy!

DOWN // I think every single family member hates their job & who they work for.  How sad is that?  Does anyone like their job out there?

UP // the weather for July still has been amazingly wonderful.  I never want the 100 degree temps back.

UP // my kitchen got cleaned up....

DOWN //.... & stayed that way for all of about 10 minutes

UP // Tried Ezekiel bread with tomato & avocado on it... may be my new favorite thing to eat

UP/DOWN // I haven't had a Peach Green Tea Lemonade in about ... I don't even know when... what's wrong with me?  This could go either way on the up/down scale.

UP // I got to photograph a Pet Insurance Company's 10th anniversary party.  Dogs were involved. I was one happy photographer.

DOWN // I have a wedding this weekend.  Weddings make my anxiety go on full force.

UP //... though I do love a beautiful bride to photograph

DOWN // Sydney is struggling eating now. We don't know if its the medicine causing her to not want to eat, or if its her teeth bothering her?  When Ricky hand feeds her, she'll eat.  Leave her to her own will & she won't eat.  We don't know if the medicine IS the reason she won't eat, do we stop it & let her pain get worse?  I hate things in life like this....

UP // I snuck in a bag of Pop Chips to Penn Station for lunch so I wouldn't eat fries.  But goodness knows I can't just eat a sandwich. Pop Chips are da'bomb anyways

How was your weekend?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

.... & yet, another failure...

I started PiYo last week...

I knew it would be a challenge when I had to do 732 downward dogs...

& then on Saturday, my disk messed up.  Wouldn't work in anything.

So Saturday - I talked about this in my vlog - I did the Nike Kinect - which I REALLY REALLY like. It get my heart pumping - it tones me up in strength training.

Sunday, tried the PiYo disc again... nothing... nada...

Monday... same...


So Tuesday, I contact Beachbody & they were super awesome.  Said they would send me out another set, no cost to me... how nice is that?

But Wednesday, it called for a workout that was on another disc.  That one worked. SUCCESS - finally.  Now, I'd still been working with the Nike Kinect & I thought, OK, let's see if I can jump back into PiYo...

... when within 5 minutes, they were having you do these weird side planks. 
I can do them on my left arm.  Having to hold ALL my body weight, on the side, on my bad shoulder.  Nope,  Can't do it.  & definitely can't do these bends & rolls & contortion moves on one broken arm....

I just screamed "SCREW IT" & popped it out & went back to a sweat fest on my Nike Kinect...

so now, I'm wondering if I'm even going to go back to PiYo...

I feel bad about it. I mean, its not cheap to buy, but I just don't know if this is what my body is calling for right now.

Yes, I can adapt - I have been so far when the disks were working.
Maybe I'll give tonight another try...

though I'm looking forward to my Nike Kinect workouts now. I like that it holds your personal best & lets you know when you pass it.

The down side of Nike Kinect - it doesn't sense right sometimes. 

I was supposed to be doing lunges - people, please - I know how to do lunges. & it wouldn't register. It kept saying, put your hands on your hips.  My freaking HANDS ARE ON MY HIPS!!!.... "Please put your hands on your hips"

Confession - I may or may not have given the Kinect a good clear view of my hands... specifically a hand motion & THEN put them back on my hips...

What hand motion did you think I was talking about?
... you'd be right... it wasn't this one...

.... to hear, "Put your hands on your hips"

So what called for 15 lunges, because it didn't see me doing them, I did like 45 on one leg.

At least with Nike Kinect, its not working my shoulders solely & painfully... & I'll have amazing legs doing 129 lunges on each leg....

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer Vortex is my friend....

This is who I will thank for the Summer Vortex

During the winter, when that polar vortex hit... I was one grumpy gal.

I don't care for the cold. I can deal with it.  I can't STAND when its frigid though.  The kind of cold that when you step outside, it doesn't matter how many layers you have on, your toes go numb & your skin hurts... no & no.

Same with summer.  I don't mind the heat.  I hate humidity though. 

I hate extremes I guess is what I'm saying.

But this new phenomenon ... that I believe is a sign of the end of the world.... I mean, when I grew up, "Vortex" wasn't a real word.  It may have been in Star Wars or something, but it wasn't something that affected me.

Winter Vortex = hate, despise, misery

Summer Vortex = love, unicorns, butterflies & rainbows, best thing since chocolate

It was so beautiful out yesterday.  I went for a walk at lunch to just breath in air...

Also got in my 10,000 steps yesterday btw - YES & YES

Had to get my hair 'did' on the way home & was chomping at the bit to get outside. 

Got home & me & the hubs went out for a walk... took Harvey Dent with us... & mercy, I could have stayed out there all evening long.

it's days like that, I don't ever want to end.

You feeling the Vortex?

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

5 minutes an hour

I am making a pact...right here... right now...

Pinky Promise

Something has to give because its just pitiful anymore. 

I'm sitting in my office & I think I've become a pro at that. Sitting.

I've done posts before on how dangerous sitting is, how unhealthy it is, but yet, I get to do it all day long still.  & I think its slowly killing me.

I see everyone getting FitBit goals of 10,000 steps a day & I love that... & drool in jealousy.

I think I even made that a goal before to try & start doing.

Except at the end of most days, my count is like 5,000 steps. 

That's stupid.

When I leave work, I do good if I get in 2,500 steps ... & that's at 4pm...

2,500 steps by 4 pm

That's even more stupid.

Then I do work out - don't get me wrong - I do!  But with my knee, its been strength training, or the PiYo - not a lot of steps happening.

So I go to bed getting in another 2,500 steps.

This really could be the GIF of my life

Stupid doesn't even count anymore...

So that pact I was talking about. 

I've now got my alarm to go off on my computer at work every hour on the hour.  Let me know another hour as passed, because in an office, its like a time sucker of a time warp.  You never know when an hour goes by. It can be in a blink... on a Friday, it can feel like an eternity...

But I'm going to get up every hour, & I'm going to stretch. I have a stretch sheet on my wall so I can go over & pick 2 stretches & do them...

& then I'm going to get in some steps.  Minimum 250 steps... hopefully more.  I'm thinking I'll march in place for 2 minutes.  But at least, that's adding in 2,000 steps to what I normally do by the time I leave.  

So 2 minutes marching in place, 1 minute of some sort of strength (I have weights at my desk, or push ups off my desk) & 2 minutes of stretching... 5 minutes an hour

This sounds doable... & gotta be better then nothing - right?

What I'm learning in all of this... work is stupid.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Ups & Downs ... with another vlog workout update

Where we look at how the weekend rolls
DOWN  Peach Green Tea Lemonade made in my grocery store's Starbucks just isn't as good at the other Starbucks 0.20 miles away. I'll yell over at the other store next time to remake me another one.
UP   I feel like I walk with pride when my cart is full of healthy colorful stuff.
UP   Veggie Rolls in the sushi area at the grocery.  The past few weeks, they've been sold out of the veggie ones.  I came very close to laying on the floor & throwing a fit. But none needed this week.
UP  BAM!  Finished!  715 wedding pictures edited in right under the gun of 2 weeks from the last wedding.  I felt like a rock star... with a sore arm.
Move over Kanye
DOWN  Yet, ANOTHER Saturday where I'm awake at 6:15 ... & I didn't go to bed till after midnight the night before.  I really need sleep.
UP/DOWN  Opened & tried the Nike Kinect workout.  UP because it was awesome.  DOWN because it kicked my butt & made me feel awful.  (I talk about it in my vlog below)
UP  the hubs came home from work with a surprise for me... a case of Dasani Berry Sparkling Water. I refuse to pay $5.00 for a case of this stuff so its like a luxury treat when I have it...
UP  Did a Band Photo session with my church buddies... I was so thankful it was an overcast day. Perfect for the pictures.
UP  Van Helsing ... I love that movie.  Have to laugh that Dracula is the weird guy from Moulin Rouge. One of my favorite movies.
UP  Eating outside on a breezy warm evening
UP   Veggie sandwiches at Five Guys Burger & Fries
DOWN  Five Guys has awful drink choices.  Their tea tastes awful.
UP  Getting out of playing a youth game because I had on a skirt.  They get vicious in youth ministry
DOWN  we went out to lunch & a lady sitting in front of us turned around a good dozen times to stare at me & Ricky. I don't know if she thought she knew us, but the first 6 times should have given her an idea.  I got up to go to the bathroom & she literally stared me up & down.  Really?  I did good holding my tongue

UP  Finding double insulated cups at Target on clearance!!!  Buy ALL THE CUPS!
 UP  Had a meeting with my next Bride & Groom & got to go take some pictures for the wedding day they need for their venue.  It took like 15 minutes. Talk about a fast session.
UP  We beat the rain.  I got home from the session & the heavens opened... whew!  Close call
DOWN  We ate a late lunch - 3:00 - so I was hungry late - about 8 to 9 - & wanted to snack on everything. Not good to do before bed.
DOWN  I like storms but GEEZ, the lightning bolts were crazy close last night.  & on the news they kept talking about lightning hitting so many people in Colorado - which is no where close to me - whatever, its enough to make me think I'm going to die by lightning bolt now.
UP  Real Housewives of New Jersey is back!!!
& here we go... another week for my "make up less" VLOG & documenting my work outs... talks of PiYo, Nike Kinect & feeling old & broken