Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Here we go again....

... I am outta the world today...

& by outta the world, I mean sitting in a hospital all day long...

which is sorta outta the world. 

It's like a casino - you lose all track of time.

But my dad is heading in for his other hip replacement today...

Round 2

This will make 1 shoulder & 2 hips replaced.

He's going for knees next...

I'm telling you - bionic status is not far behind.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Will it grow hair in my belly?

So a long time ago, the cute little thing called a chia pet came out..

& then developed into some weird products that just won't stop

& for a side fun fact... we had a cat we named Chia.  I'm not even sure why...

Chia is pretty fun to say...

But then when you start eating healthy & looking for every healthy smoothie idea, you see you're supposed to put those little chia seeds in your drink.


The same seeds?  the ones that grow green stuff on things? In my belly?

Apparently so.

I love reading on what foods can do & these little seeds hold a big punch. 
I just saw a few facts in a health magazine on what they can do...
Did you know?

A serving of chia seeds contain more nutrients than many popular health foods:
100% more potassium than a banana
200% more iron than spinach
300% more selenium than flax seeds
500% more calcium than whole milk
600% more omega-3 than wild salmon
1,400% more magnesium than broccoli


That's pretty crazy ... crazy awesome...

& that's not to mention all the other healthy stuff about it - vitamins, protein, fiber, blah blah blah...

A good note for runners as well - it helps the body stay hydrated by absorbing liquid....

I see recipes everywhere for chia pudding. 

I even tried it one time, but the texture sorta gagged me.  All that 'absorbing liquid' gooey stuff happening.  Not something I can handle early in the morning.

But maybe I made it wrong.

& I see other recipes where you don't really even see the gooey part of it.

Disguise it in chocolate... everything is better disguised in chocolate...

Ricky has even bought the drinks that have chia seeds in them...

ohhhh ... that gooey texture thing again... I can't believe he can drink it.

I need to learn to like it though...

I think if I can learn to get it down, I may actually become Wonder Woman.. .maybe?

Do you like Chia seeds in smoothies?
Do you make Chia pudding? ... what's the trick?

Monday, September 15, 2014

Ups & Downs

Where we look at how the weekend went...

UP // Got a free Starbucks reward drink.  How do you not get a Trenta?  & of course, had to get my Peach Green Tea Lemonade.  When winter comes & I get a free reward, I'll be using that Trenta for all the extra things that cost money.  #lovefree

UP // That Trenta was so big - it lasted me two days!!!!  That's a drink that lasts

Bigger then my head

UP // I even went back & got another PGTL on Sunday.  Full weekend of the best drink ever.

UP // Did the P90X Plyometrics for the first time on Saturday... LOVED IT!  Obviously modified a lot of it due to injuries, but still burned almost 500 calories in an hour. I was happy with that...

UP // Got in some essential oils that someone told me would help with my tendon pain.  Honestly, I put on a few drops of Lemongrass & no joke, it seemed to help.

UP or DOWN /// Magic is a weird word to say over & over...

UP // Got 2 of our dogs groomed....

DOWN // ... Cost me $100!! OUCH!!! 

UP // Bought more yarn while waiting on the dogs to be groomed to make some cowls for the cold air coming.  #lovecowls

UP // I want to make the Katniss wrap .. always loved it...

DOWN // I know I'll still never look like Jennifer Lawrence

DOWN // They had a adoption fair going on at PetSmart & I just want to cry for all these fur babies that need homes.

UP // by the time I went back to get my babies, a LOT of animals had been adopted!

DOWN // Adoption fees are crazy!  If you want to get these babies into a good home, don't charge $200 ...

UP // Found Wizard of Oz stickers for my mom at Michaels.  As much as I'm a Beauty & the Beast fan, my mom is a Wizard of Oz fan. I get my fandom legit.

UP // Beautiful fall weekend. It was perfection every day.

UP // McAlisters Tea.  We stopped in there just for these 2 huge sizes.  I was all about massive size teas this weekend.

UP // Got to do a photo session with my cousin.  I love her so much.  She was a junior bridesmaids in my wedding & now, here she is a momma... I can't wait to see that baby of hers.

UP // Sleeping with windows open....

DOWN//... waking up congested with the cool air.  #worthit

UP // If Burlesque is on, I'll watch it every time.

UP // I was talking about when I was in high school - so long ago... & one of my youth kiddos in church said, "You're not THAT old" & another one said, "You are like a teenager to me"... I know lying isn't a good thing in church, but I still was happy about those sweet comments.

DOWN // Sydney is getting a little worse every day... 

DOWN // Fox & the Hound on ABC Family... good LORD... that movie is sad.  When the lady goes to drop off Todd, the fox, in the woods & that song she sings about saying good bye?!?!?  Have a dog that is close to the end of her life next to you & listen to the words... I was a blubbering sobbing mess...


UP // Bought my first new sweater of the year... for $10!  Even better!

UP // Got the next book in the Peculiar Children series... made me happy when someone told me its better then the first. I loved the first.

DOWN // I have so much to do this week & I can't even get my mind wrapped around how I'm going to do everything... wish me luck

How was your weekend?
Did you remember Fox & The Hound being so sad?
Did you drink any tea this weekend?

Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Five... Random

I was going to do the link up with the Friday Five which the topic today is Five Blogs I love ...

but I get weird about posts like that. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings & I can't pick 5 of my favorite.  It's like a Sophie's Choice sorta move... I refuse to pick a favorite from my awesome blogging friends...

If you want to know who I love, I have a side bar with my favorite blogs I visit every day...

So I'm just going with a Random Friday Five today...

1. Biggest Loser

Anyone else watch it?!?!?!?  I just love this show... & COME ON... how stinking HOT is Jessie?  I had to laugh when his team ended up with all women & 1 man... I'd fight to get on his team too.  & when he listened to a woman's story & she told him about her miscarriages & he teared up?  .... I think I actually gasped.... Hot AND isn't afraid to cry with a lady?  First show & already my favorite trainer.

2.  P90X3

I have been loving my 3rd week in P90X ... feel like it really is tightening me up, making a difference.  But I can't HANDLE IT ANYMORE.  The time that is.  It's totally sucking my evening up.  I was in the basement doing the Arms/Shoulder work out, followed up with the Ab Ripper & ended up being in my basement for 1 hour & 25 minutes.  Seriously?  I only get 5 hours a evening anyways with getting home & getting to bed.  Have to cram in dinner, cleaning, working on pictures, showers... I can't deal with these workouts being this long... EVERY NIGHT...

So I did it - I shelled out the cash & just bought the P90X3 which is only 30 minutes long.

After reading the whole theory behind the 30 minute work out, I thought why am I putting all this time in it when 30 minutes will be just as beneficial... AND it will give me an extra 30 minutes to do a run or walk in the beautiful air.  So I thought it was worth the investment to pay for another workout DVD series.  It's supposed to be in next week so I'm planning on starting it September 22... I'll keep you updated.

3. Tony Horton

I really like Tony... & when I saw this, I figured out why

4.  Outside

I complained about being indoors in this beautiful weather so I took your advice & took my work out in the fresh air.  It felt wonderful. I felt like I had the best of both worlds.

5.  Zevia

I'm kind of addicted to Zevia lately... the Grape flavor.  I've been doing good with just having it at dinner, but it feels like I'm having a real soft drink... if its really bad for me, don't tell me. I don't want to know. Actually I do... but not really.
I didn't really care for the cola flavor, but want to try the ginger ale.
I used to hate ginger ale but since giving up soft drinks all together, I don't mind it now.

Anyone else a Zevia fan?
Are you swooning over Jessie on Biggest Loser too?
What's your weekend plans?

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Let's get some things off of my chest... out of my mind...
I confess....

... I want to make a new CONFESSIONS button... this one looks too plain to me now.

... I actually typed "plane" in that last confession & then realized I'm loosing my freaking mind

... I am so excited Biggest Loser starts back tonight!!! But what's the deal with Bob. He's not going to be a regular trainer?  #disappointing   Dolvett is still there. That's good. & who is that dreamy new trainer?  None other then Jake, from The Bachelor's, brother... good genes run in the family.

... I think the new girl trainer looks like the girl from The Office & Bridesmaids, Ellie Kemper...

... I finally got some ringtones on my new phone.  KISS for when my husband calls me & Steven Curtis Chapman for when anyone else calls.  I couldn't find any good Disney ringtones.  I need to find a good free place.

... I don't even care about the new iPhone. I'm an Android girl.

... I up'ed my weights in P90X arms & shoulders last night. Felt proud of myself, until I was nearly in tears with my bicep tendon last night.  & then had to hear my hubs yell at me all night long about how I should know better. 

... I am addicted to the song "All About That Bass"

... I am wearing thin quickly on Taylor Swift's new song, Shake it off... why is it EVERYWHERE?  On every commercial - on every promo for DWTS - on every click of the computer.  STOP IT!

... I went to visit our new office that we're moving to in November.  Its not only an extra 15 minute drive, but I'm loosing my own office & moving into a cubicle... & the office looks like a dungeon with no light in it.  To say I am depressed is not even close to how I feel lately.

This is going to be me in my new office space

... I bought another jar of Nutella.  Someone needs to throw it out of my house QUICK!

... I can remember September 11th, 2001 like it was yesterday.  We sat in our waiting area in front of the TV the whole day.  No work was done. Just sat with eyes wide & jaws dropped.  So sad.

... It freaks me out when I talk to the kids in the Youth Group & they have no memories or really know very little about that day.  The next generation really doesn't have a clue what happened.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fall is breaking my heart....

Fall is my favorite season.

Always has been.

I'm a sucker for the color, which my grandmother always used to say Fall is when God would use the world as His coloring book... & I love the crisp cool mornings & evenings... love the smells of fall... I'm a Fall girl...

But with Fall comes the want to run... so badly...

I'm trying to stick with my P90X & get stronger. 
Trying to give my knee a break.
Trying to give my back a break.

But yesterday, I got home & the weather was so nice & beautiful & fall-like & I was like, 'do I really want to go in the basement & do an hour of P90X & miss all this beauty?'

... the answer was yes... that's exactly what I did...

But I did it with a grumpy face & a few stomps down the stairs.

After I was done, I did go outside & play Frisbee with Harvey Dent & even knitted a little on the back porch sitting next to Sydney...

I guess I'll take Fall however I can...

But Fall races are everywhere now & I'm really starting to be a Debbie Downer with a sad face.  I want to be in them.  Especially the Half Marathon I wanted to do.

So I'm trying to get an attitude fix here.  Gotta be better then Momma June here.... Trying to be appreciative that I can still do the P90X... praying my knee & back get good for Spring races... & I'm going to check into volunteering at that Half Marathon.  I know a few peeps who are running it so it would make me happy to cheer them on...

Sometimes working out the attitude is tougher then working out the body....

I'll still enjoy Fall ... even if my running wont...
Do you love Fall for running?
Do you have any races coming up?

Monday, September 8, 2014

Ups & Downs

Where we look how the weekend went...

UP // Had to remember some lines for our Children's Ministry event ... BAM!  Remembered them... all 5 of them #nomemory

DOWN // When I made my entrance through the door, I hit it... on the wrong side... & loudly said, OOPS... Graceful I am not.

UP // Got so much of my house clean, I just wanted to visit room to room to take it all in.

UP // Just bought my first few bottles of essential oils.  Someone got in touch with me about it for the pain in my bicep tendon. I told her I'd try almost anything - $60.00 later, I'm going to give this a goal.

DOWN // Why are these oils so freaking expensive?

DOWN // Our Sydney girl is just going downhill fast now... she ate really well for the first time Friday night & Saturday morning, she threw it all back up.  I just want to cry every time I think about it.  We're thinking she may just have a few days or a week or two left... #myheartisbreaking

DOWN // ... I'm sitting here crying again just typing that...

DOWN // Being a Fur-baby momma just sucks sometimes...

UP // It only sucks right at the end... the other 99.9% of time with fur babies is nothing short of wonderful

UP //  We took Sydney outside on the front porch (Mine & her favorite spot in the world)... I read a book, she inhaled the breeze & the rainy afternoon.  

UP or DOWN // I'm realizing I need more time at home to spend with my other fur babies.  Life is too short to keep a busy schedule.

UP // I didn't put on a bit of make up

DOWN // My P90X Kenpo disc is scratched up & stalls ... so frustrating...

UP // ... it gives me a second to catch my breath though...

UP // I'm becoming a knit loom nut. I made a hat just on Saturday alone.

DOWN // I've spend over $100 in just 2 days on new looms & yarn. I take my hobbies seriously.

UP // My husband doesn't know how much I've spent on my latest hobby.

Our secret

UP // I'll remind him its cheaper then a new camera lens

UP // Veggie sandwiches at Five Guys Burger & Fries

UP // Photo Scavenger Hunt with the Youth kids in our Merge After Church (MAC) event.  These really are the coolest kids in the world.

DOWN // I still huff & puff trying to run with middle school & high school kids doing a scavenger hunt. 

UP // A perfectly beautiful day to do a family photo session...

DOWN // The little girl literally was scared of my camera at the beginning & ran & screamed like I was the hockey wearing masked guy from Friday the 13th. 

UP // I started talking Princesses & won her over a little bit...

UP // BAM - I got the cutest pictures of her... #success

UP // The little boy  - I can't even begin to tell you how cute his pictures are... I can't wait to share.

UP // I can feel Fall in the air

DOWN //... at least for a day or two... the 90's are coming back this week.

DOWN // My mom called me to ask if I wanted to see my niece play basketball... like 15 minutes before the game started.   Thanks mom.

UP // Finished book

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

UP // Starting new book

Love the One You're With

How was your weekend?