Wednesday, March 4, 2015

{Dear Diary} Sitting

Dear Diary,

Today I'm talking to you about something most people really enjoy. 

I enjoy it myself at times. 

But lately, its just grating on my nerves.  Literally, my nerves.. in my back...

Sitting.  I'm talking about sitting.

It's funny because my poor husband walks about 15-18 miles A DAY at his job... I sit for 9 hours at mine.  I have to WORK to get over 1,500 steps in at work.  That's taking time to get up from my desk every hour & just walk around the room for a minute or two.

Its sad I have to make an effort to move.  It's even sadder that people look at your like you have 5 heads if you just get up to walk, just because. 

Its like these desks are little prisons & if you get up to walk, its basically the same as scaling the wall & escaping.

The cutest prison break ever

It feels like prison sometimes too.  Or at least some sort of torture device.  I can feel the pressure of sitting on my back.  My body gets stiff from aching.  When I get up to move, I feel like I do when I lay in bed for 8 hours sleeping ... sorry diary, I laughed a bit thinking that I said 8 hours of sleep.  We both know its more like 5 or 6, but a girl can dream.

A body shouldn't be STIFF from not moving. 

I know a time will come when I'm older & my body just naturally gets stiffer, tighter.  I don't like that I feel that I'm basically 103 right now... all because of my work.

Granted.  I know I'm lucky that I don't have to stand on my feet all day like some people do. Or have to walk all day like my husband, who comes home exhausted & suffers from leg cramps from moving constantly.

So I guess Diary, I need to know what the happy medium is.  What job is there that I can sit, but move.... walk, but rest when I need to.

I think it's becoming a Disney princess.

Where you can also DANCE with Tony Dovolani?
yep... that's what I wanna do!
Where you can sway to music with a Prince.... where you can squat to talk to little kids... where you can prop a stool under those massive dresses & no one will ever know you're taking a break...

Yep... problem solved.

Thanks Diary.

The Blonder Side of Life</

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

TOTR: Treats

Joining up with the ladies at Tuesdays on the Run... with today's topic being TREATS

I think running & especially racing is ALL about the treats...

I used to go to races by myself - I think the hubs thought it would be something I would grow out of, so my treat after a race used to be just grabbing a banana & heading home since I didn't want to hang out in a crowd by myself.

But now that he comes to races with me, our favorite treat after a race? 
Panera Bread.  Oh yeah baby.... I don't think I can go wrong there.

Between their oatmeal with strawberries or their egg white sandwich with avocado & spinach? 

I'm all of a sudden hungry seeing this
.... I'm ready to go run a race just to grub this down!!!!...

Oh goodness... yes please.  Its kind of become a routine for us now to Panera before the breakfast menu changes to lunch. 

Well even sit out in the car if we're too sweaty or stinky & enjoy our munches.

During race time, probably one of my favorite treats was during a half marathon during October - which was quite chilly -& they had hot soup at the finish line... that was super nice.

& one other race, I rarely ever do the massage thing, but the line was short for a small race & it was free.  Hello!  I love free....

so I jumped on the table & walked away feeling like a million bucks... I need to do that more often.

So what are your favorite race treats?
Any routine places you stop after?
Tuesdays On The Run

Monday, March 2, 2015

How the month went... February 2015

Feb 2015

February 2015
*26.31 Miles Finished (up 5.21 from last month!!!)
*14 days of working out total for month
(Same as January... which with a awful February - I'm impressed with)
*7 days hitting Step Goal

February... kinda sucked...

When you do a lot of trips to the hospital, working out isn't top priority...

When you loose a family member, working out isn't top priority...

When my dad is getting ANOTHER 8 inches of his colon taken out, working out isn't top priority...

But my 10k training has kept on the best it can & I'm proud of myself for at least staying consistent when I can...

It all just reminds me of my year goal... just move...

My 5k is coming up this weekend & the goals of the races in March (which we are in... really?  Where is Spring weather Ms. March?) just reminds me that I just want to move.  I'm probably going slower then ever... but I'm going... all I care about.

I have gotten back to tracking my food the past few days too.  Not on My Fitness Pal - mainly because that just drives me crazy actually.  I hate that count that shows you how many days consistently you've logged in... & I get so stupid mad at a day I'll miss because hello, death in the family, & then those day counts are back to one.  Forget it - that just ticks me off... so I've created another health journal.  See that spreadsheet above?  Please... my health journal is even better :)  #IamaNerd #HUGEnerd

I will say, my 10K training helped me FINALLY win a FitBit challenge.  I am usually in last place - I'm getting used to being last apparently in all things - but when I found out I WON one, I felt like I just won the Gold in the Olympics...

I kept the whole Yoga thing up whenever I could... still hate it... GOD, I HATE IT!

Harvey hates it too.... #boring

I even went back to some strength training days with Jillian... who makes my quads cry.  No one should have to do that many squats in a 30 minute time span.

And yep, I'm still getting miles ranked up.... I'm not minding the slow pace though. My knee & back are cooperating with it.  That's what its about for me. I think I want a shirt when I run that says something like "I'm just moving at my own pace" ...

Down side... my Polar Heart race monitor has been bombing on me mid-exercise lately.  UGHHHH!!!!  So now I'm on the hunt & trying to decide if I want another polar HR watch or if I want to invest in a tracking devise that has the heart rate monitor built in that....

I wish I could tell you how much I hate decisions...

So onto March...
How was your February?

Friday, February 27, 2015

Five Things Friday

It's a free for all this Friday, so I'm going with the topic of Things I learned in February

ONE // Take care of yourself

After we lost Michael to alcohol, it's such an eye opening thing to me about how much we need to take care of ourselves any way we can.  So much we can't control about our health... but so much that we can.  I really always have been aware of things that are harmful to my body... but I'm even more on high alert.  Even more so for my friends & family.  If I slap something out of your hands that I think is harmful, just go with it.

TWO // I can do early morning runs

I hate working out in the morning.  I can't do morning work outs on work days because I would have to get up at 4:00am to do that... & that just ain't gonna happen...

But when I had to take my dad to the hospital for a surgery last week, I knew I would be too beat up to do my run when I got home, so I got up before I had to take him to the hospital &I got my run in.  It felt great to have it accomplished before I did anything else in the day.  My body sort of panicked the first 5 minutes, but it adjusted... morning sweats don't work for me.  But I did it...

THREE // I am lacking water

I used to be really good at drinking water.  I've been marking it lately & finding I'm basically the Sahara.  I'm not drinking nearly anything I used to.  That could explain why I've cut my bathroom trips down from 500 a day to a normal amount.  I need to start drinking up again.

FOUR // Stress wears on your body

With the loss of my brother in law & my dad being in the hospital, not to mention normal stress of life - snow storms, photography business issues, dirty house & laundry as tall as my head.... I can feel how stress really takes its toll.  The tension in the body, the rapid breathing, the worn out feeling of it all.  Not good.  I really need to look into that meditation thing more.

FIVE // My treadmill isn't so bad after all

I used to hate my treadmill.  I'd run in freezing weather or rain just to avoid it.  But for some reason, this time around during winter, I'm just not feeling up to getting outside.  I've really grown to love my treadmill.  Maybe because I can get on it in pajama bottoms or bright red knee high socks with running shorts... anything goes when no one can see you.  The Middle & Hot in Cleveland also has been my distraction while on the mill making it a laugh fest... laughter can distract me from a lot of things I usually don't like.

What have you learned this February?

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Time to be aware....

I know I've been gone for awhile.
If you follow my Instagram or Blog #1 (link up at the top or the side) you've seen that my brother in law passed away one week ago today.
Add in there, my dad had a colon resection ...
let's just say life has kinda sucked lately.
You can check out Blog #1 to read about everything... I won't go into it here.
What I keep this blog for is to stay on top of health & fitness....
So that's what I'm going to focus on today.... because Michael's death made me realize something.  Things taken in excess is harmful....
Michael passed away due to his alcoholism.
I never knew alcohol could do the things it did.
It caused his liver to totally shut down. 
It caused his liver to grow to 5 times its normal size.
It caused his arteries in his esophagus to enlarge so much that they would rupture causing vomiting of blood.
It caused his pancreas to become inflamed causing issues.
It caused his kidneys to stop functioning, even turning against his already shot liver.
All because of alcohol.
Michael was told throughout the years of hospital visits that he HAD to stop drinking or he would die.
I think Michael thought he could handle it....
The excess of it - the lack of moderation - it caught up to him....
Why am I saying this? 

Because I think its so easy for us to take things in our lives that we think will never catch up to us, & we keep abusing it.
We can eat too much...
We can actually work out too much...
We can do things to our body that we never really think is harming it...
It can all effect us....
Alcohol just happened to be what caught up to Michael.
This is just heart breaking to think that Michael could have had control over his situation... but really, he couldn't.  That's what addiction is.
But do I have things I'm addicted to?  I may look at them as something simple but I don't see how it really truly is effecting me.
I think its a good time for us all to look at the things we do, we eat, we drink, we put into our bodies.... take note of it... be aware...
We have so much we have no control over in our lives...
let's be smart & in control of the things we can....

The Blonder Side of Life

Friday, February 13, 2015

Ups & Downs of the week

DOWN // my brother in law is still in the hospital fighting all sorts of problems that spring up something new every day.  Dang it.  He needs prayers even more then before

UP // love seeing family gather to take care of each other

UP // I worked out every day this week... BAM! SNAP!


DOWN // my stomach has been all sorts of messed up ... actually its been that way since November... when we moved offices.  I think my nerves get the best of me.

UP // did oblique workout... with my side pain since November, I haven't worked out that area in awhile. It's improving so I went for it.  The love handles are calling for it....

DOWN // OOUUUCCCHHHH!!! Sore muscles.  Not working those muscles out for awhile, let me tell you - I FELT it... let me rephrase - FEEL it!!!

DOWN // .... & coughing from this sinus infection with sore stomach muscles?  I almost wanted to curse here.

This is me every time I feel a cough coming on

DOWN // Kinect work outs.  I stay green on the screen, I try not to move out of the area... but a dog will walk in front of it throwing it off... or it doesn't count the move when I obviously am doing it.  Like a rep of 20 - I end up doing like 35 & it only counts me as doing 7 & then tells me I need to step it up, I'm being lazy.  BITE ME KINECT!!!!

UP // I traded in my morning coffee a few days this week for Breakfast Tea ... & I did OK with it. Didn't feel a slump of sleepy.

UP // my WUN (what I call Walk/Run intervals) went fantastic on Monday.  I had no back pain, no knee pain.....

DOWN //.... but guess what has been killing since I started WUN'ing again ... my bicep tendon.  Swinging that stupid arm.  I swear, I'm buying a sling this weekend to wear when I'm hitting the pavement.  Not even joking.

UP // the word WUN

Hope you all had a great weekend...
& HAPPY VALENTINE'S to you all
Even if you don't have someone to share it with - LOVE YOURSELF!!
Go treat yourself to something... heck, I am married, will be celebrating & I'm STILL going to treat myself. Count on that!   A total UP!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

{On the Soapbox} So glad I'm in the 30%

I am very vocal on my hate of medicine...


I hate that it causes more problems.... have you ever really listened to the side effects on commercials?
I hate that its so expensive...
I hate that it becomes addictive to some...
I hate the way it makes me feel...

I HATE IT!!!!!

& then I see this video this morning...

& it just endorses why I hate medicine in the US...

& it makes me so glad that I take no prescriptions... I thank God for that actually...

& it amazes me that only 30% of people don't take anything...

But sit back & listen... & laugh... & try not to be offended.  This is a Comedy Central show after all... but it has some really interesting facts...

Side note... I'm not saying ALL medicine is bad... I totally know its needed by many... BUT I do believe its abused & OVER used in our country for exactly what this is talking about - profit only - not for the health of others.

What are your thoughts on this video?
What are your thoughts on Pharmaceuticals in the US?

Joining in with The Blonder Side of Life
The Blonder Side of Life

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I am a plan kinda girl....

This sinus infection is killing me... it honestly is lasting longer then any sinus infection I think I've ever had.  I am about ready to scream... or cry... or both...

Needless to say, this past weekend, I did zero, zippo working out.  I think I would have passed out if I tried.

I did get something in the mail that made me EXCITED about working out though...

I saw a deal on this a few weeks ago & decided to buy it.  After all, I do have my black belt - I KNOW martial arts. It's what is comfortable for me... & works me out... I love kick boxing. 

I have one of those personalities that wants to do things NOW ... so I thought I would start off Monday with this & jump into the program.

But then Monday came & I remembered something. I've registered for a 5k & a 10k in March....

So I stopped & devised a plan.

I really want to do these races. I miss races. The excitement of them.  So I'm holding off on starting the LesMills Combat until after the 10K on March 21st...

& I think it works out perfectly because I open up my Training book (Marathoning for Mortals) & look at the half marathon training plan & the exact number of weeks until the race, the training takes me up to 7 miles - perfect for a 10K

I laced up my shoes & got on the treadmill excited about this plan...

& even better - my first day on the TM was great. 

Now, be reminded, I am not going to push myself to crazy expectations. I'm in these races for fun - not to PR - not to do any more harm to my knee or low back.  I want to just do my New Years resolution - just move... enjoy life....

So while my first night was slow, I enjoyed moving... & better yet?  I had no back pain, no knee pain. 

My bicep tendon has flared up from swinging my arm again, but I'm used to that thing always aching....

& I know my back & knee will soon flare up, but fingers crossed that if I stay a slow pace, it wont be as bad... if at all (please Lord?)

... & the best part? I already know what I'm doing after the 10K... my LesMills program is waiting for me to get my kick on

I am a plan girl... I need a plan.. & its in full effect... & I'm excited about it...

Friday, February 6, 2015

Ups & Downs of the week

Friday... yes Lord!
Time to see how this week has gone
UP // I started off good. Walking on the treadmill... getting those miles in
DOWN// ... my sinus infection drop kicked me in the face... the nose to be exact
DOWN // My brother in law isn't doing very well right now, so lots of worrying & a trip to the hospital to check on him.  He's in liver & kidney failure right now... praying for the best.  He could use all the prayers he can get right now.
UP // Little coffee shops & their teas.  Yummy
DOWN // Starbucks & their tea?  Taste & SMELLS like cleaner fluid. Not even joking
UP // Scandal!!!! ... Dear Lord I love that show
DOWN // The sinus infection has had me up about every hour to cough & to basically know my throat has closed all the way up.  When I get no sleep, I'm grumpy.
Explains why I'm basically grumpy every day
UP // I've been taking advantage of being the only one on my side of the office for an hour ... I'll just pace & walk back & forth till my coworker gets in.  It's 50 steps to & back each wall... I like good round numbers.
UP // Subway Veggie Flatizza ... YUM!!!
DOWN // One day at lunch I just wasn't hungry (thanks sinus drainage) - I ended up going to the gas station to get an iced tea.  They had these HUGE hot pretzels.  I ended up just getting one for lunch.  I know that had to be the worst lunch  #toomanycarbs ...
UP //... I haven't had a hot pretzel in forever.  It was delish.
UP // got my library books back in time.  I feel so accomplished when I do that.
UP // I got a good treadmill workout last night....
DOWN// ... Not breathing on the treadmill is misery.
UP // I've drank more water this week then I usually have been
Thank you sore throat.
How was your week?
Happy Friday!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Good news for the slow people!!!

I will never win a race... unless I'm in the smallest race in the world & I'm the only
person in my age group.  #notgoingtohappen

I have really learned with age & wisdom to be OK with being slow.  It used to bother me. Now?  I honestly don't care.  If I were last to cross a finish line, I think I would still pump my fist as if I won first place.

A few years ago, I wouldn't have said that. 

Heck, a few years ago, I was 2 minutes slower then my previous time & I cried like someone stabbed me in the eye....


& then I saw this article on Popsugar this morning (Read it right HERE )

It's Scientifically Proven:  Slow, Short Jogs are actually better for you!


It shows that people that run long hard miles are about the same as people who NEVER work out... that's crazy to me...

"Researchers followed over 1,000 healthy joggers and almost 4,000 healthy non-joggers for 14 years and found that those who jogged too much or not at all had the highest rates of death during the study time period. In other words, whether they were sitting on their couch or logging an eight-miler, they still had similar risks of death. Plus, those who jogged at a more intense pace (seven miles per hour, or about an 8.5-minute mile) also fared worse. "

That blows my mind...

But the group that had the best health?

Those who ran only 1 - 2.4 hours a week... which is an average of 3 30-minute sessions...

& even better?  The ideal pace was a 12 minute mile...

So let me be the last one crossing the finish line... it may help me get to the finish line of life a lot longer too :)